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What type of gear/tools are being developed?

There are four wearable products such as gloves and knee pads. The products are designed to be comfortable, slim, and supportive for functional use. 

Which activities are they used for?

The primary activities are stretching and yoga. The products could also be useful for gardening, playing with kids/grandkids, fitness classes, or mobility assistance. 

Which age group are the products for?

Since we are still in the R&D phase, we would like to hear from all age groups and demographics to help us understand who the products may benefit. At this time, we are aware of the products helping our current clients, which include people from ages 30 to 80 who either have limited mobility or flexibility whether from body type, pain, injury, age, or another situation. 

Do you have a product for my particular need? 

We would love to hear from you to understand your need and see how our products and services may help or to guide you to resources that we have learned about. 

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